Great buys for next years deer hunters

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Great buys for next years deer hunters

Postby ajsuff » Fri Apr 11, 2008 9:46 am

From the Sportsman's Guide - I buy much from them not just hunting but miliatry equipment, surveillance, lamps, scopes, camping stuff and they have a email specials if you sign up - 3-5 times a week you will receive emails with ads and great prices. So heres one that maybe some of you hunters need a tree stand, dressing bags, a Camera arm (we used one up in Tug Hill at night to locate deer), Butt-out dressing tool(for those who need one), Forensic deer aging kit (if you care to find out how old the deer you just killed was), Gut-N- Buddy, Electronic Deer Call (if legal?), Handy Game Drag Harness, Scented BAlls, Scent Eliminator, 50 caliber black powder rifles, Buckmasters G2 XL bows,. Wolverine Broadheads, and even Woodchuck Lure, and many many more items for you avid deer hunters. ... 6155&gif=Y

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