Antarctic Ice Loss Has Tripled Over the Past Decade

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Antarctic Ice Loss Has Tripled Over the Past Decade

Postby ajsuff » Thu Jun 14, 2018 8:50 pm

...................... from the Smithsonian ..............................

Since 1992, the continent has lost more than 3.3 trillion tons of ice, triggering a quarter-inch rise in global sea levels

Antarctica is melting, and it’s happening at a much faster rate than scientists previously anticipated. According to a study published in Nature on Wednesday, losses in Antarctica’s ice sheets—which hold 60 to 90 percent of Earth’s fresh water, The New York Times’ Kendra Pierre-Louis notes—have tripled since 2007. The study presents the most comprehensive analysis of Antarctic ice loss to date, drawing on 24 surveys conducted by 84 scientists from 44 institutions. ... Q1MjU0NwS2
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