Healthy tips for spring!

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Healthy tips for spring!

Postby ajsuff » Wed Apr 25, 2018 3:35 pm

............................. from Consumer Reports ........................

Recall alert: Eggs

More than 200 million eggs were recalled last week due to 23 cases of salmonella. Check to see if the eggs in your refrigerator or local stores could be potentially affected, and find out the facts about salmonella. ... engagewkly

Decoding the UV index

The warming rays of the sun feel nice after winter, but the damage it can do to your skin is a cold fact. See how using the UV index can help you step up your sun protection. Not all sunscreen is worthy of your skin, here’s our sunscreen buying guide to find what’s right. ... engagewkly

5 vegetables that are healthier when cooked

Unlock the full health potential of the vegetables you eat! Find out which veggies have more health benefits if you heat them before eating. ... engagewkly

A little of this goes a long way

How much exercise do you really need to see healthy benefits? You might be pleasantly surprised by the amount of activity that helps you reduce your risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and depression. CR’s latest fitness tracker buying guide helps you choose from a range of simple to sophisticated devices. ... engagewkly

Recall alert: Tesla

Tesla couldn’t steer clear of problems with the Model S and has issued a recall on one of their most popular models. ... engagewkly

Glued to your smartphone? Time for a You Test™

We all want to reduce the time we spend staring at screens, and it’s especially important for children. Take our latest You Test™ quiz to see if your kids or grandkids are in front of a screen too much. ... engagewkly
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