Natioal Georgraphic Vides

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Natioal Georgraphic Vides

Postby ajsuff » Sat Mar 10, 2018 2:55 pm

......................... from National Geographic ...........................

Rare Greenland Shark Filmed Beneath the Canadian Arctic

Not much is known about Greenland sharks. About the same size as their great white relatives, Greenland sharks live at the bottom of the ocean. They’re slow-moving predators and rarely seen by humans. But during a recent survey of the waters in the Canadian Arctic, a team of marine researchers was able to catch these sluggish giants on film using a weighted and baited underwater camera. ... 1444756658

Brightly Colored Blue-Ringed Octopus Is One of the Ocean’s Deadliest

Nature has developed courteous warning signs for creatures that can really, really mess you up—like the blue-ringed octopus. Small, squishy, and flamboyantly adorned with neon-blue circles that flash when agitated, they’re one of the deadliest ocean creatures. Their saliva contains a powerful nerve toxin that causes respiratory failure, and there have been at least three known human fatalities. But there’s no need to be afraid of them: They only bite when they feel their lives are threatened. ... 1444756658

Heavy Rains Submerge Hiking Trails in Crystal Clear Waters

Crystal clear waters are my Achilles’ heel. When I first saw this video I just needed to find out what was going on! Turns out, it was flooding in the Olho D’Água (“eyes of water”) river in Brazil’s Pantanal region. Heavy rains caused the river to overflow, giving us this vision of what looks like a parallel universe (and adding a new destination to my bucket list). Keep your eyes open for fish swimming around at tree-branch height—but don’t worry about piranhas, as they prefer murky waters. ... 1444756658

See the Stunning Beauty of Flowers Exposed to Fire, Ice, and Ink

Just the thumbnail image of this video stopped me in my tracks, and then the rest of the video was even more breathtaking! Time-lapses of flowers are gorgeous enough as it is, but this inventive short film takes you through the seasons: Ice gently swells and encases bouquets, tongues of fire flicker along rose petals, and rich clouds of ink burst open on the plants’ upturned faces. These three minutes of sheer beauty are sure to brighten your day. ... 8#iframe-2

A Brief History of How the Universe Began
Visualizing pre-existence is no small feat! In what was probably one of our team’s most challenging productions, we travel through time to show how the universe began. A series of epochs, described by the fields of cosmologists and astrophysicists, built upon each other to create the universe we see today. We used motion graphics to illustrate some of science’s toughest theoretical concepts—and show the universe growing before your very eyes. ... 1444756658
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