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Pope admits Catholic church waited too long to respond to clergy abuse crisis

Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 10:57 am
by ajsuff
Got this message from group and people who were sexual abused by catholic priests and who have not been prosecuted YET. The message below is from them. They are quite strong,along with other religious sects, who believe in protection the most innocent of lambs.

Duh. Ya think so?

Friends: talk is cheap. I'll believe it when their "walk" equals the "talk". For starters, help us i.d. sexual predators currently in ministry (YOUR parish priest might be one of them!!). Time will tell. In the meantime, protect the children you love.

P.S. This is a WONDERFUL opportunity to practice your faith! Demand transparency and accountability from church leaders and REFUSE TO DONATE ANY MONEY until it is given. After all, YOUR child might be next. ... use-crisis