A Surprise for Jeff and Suzanne

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A Surprise for Jeff and Suzanne

Postby Jeff Marinelli » Sun Apr 01, 2018 8:53 pm

Unexpected Blessings sometimes come because of Noah’s Blessing Box


Once upon a time, there was a King.

King Jeffrey the Bold, King of Canandaigua.

King Jeffrey tried to be cool about things, and didn’t go around demanding that people call him ‘Your Majesty’ and making a big deal about him wearing a crown and stuff like that.

REAL kings know the scoop. King Jeffrey didn’t need the trappings and fol-de-rol of power, because he had the real thing. No one knew he was King, and King Jeffrey the Bold liked it that way just fine.

Now, I ENJOYED being King. My subjects were happy to see me. It was nice to walk into the castle to welcoming little arms. I loved my subjects, and they loved me right back!

When your subjects get older, sometimes, though, they’re not always so interested in having a King. Or having YOU for a King, anyways.

I’ve discussed this with some of my fellow Kings in neighboring kingdoms over Flagons of Ale. (Served by Buxom Wenches, naturally). You might start out as King… but you don’t always stay there. You get demoted to Duke. Then maybe to Earl. You might spend time as a Baron. But you usually end up as a Knave. Or even a Jester!

(For some reason, Queens always stay Queens)

I spent time in my own Kingdom wandering around with a sign that said ‘Will be King for food’. Being a King is tough sometimes.

One day Prince Noah, our youngest Prince, rode away, and never came home again.

King Jeffrey the Bold was the Sad King of Canandaigua.

He was an Old King now, grey bearded and starting to stoop, walking slower that he used to; but still strong, and still King. He went about the business of his Kingdom, weathering such trials and tribulations as everyone has. You don’t get a vacation from being King. Nope. No way.

One day, a message came to the palace. There was rejoicing and happiness in the hearts of the King and Queen. King Jeffrey the Bold and Queen Suzanne the Fair could not believe that such a thing had happened.

King Jeffrey the Bold kissed Queen Suzanne the Fair and climbed alone to the highest turret in the palace and faced the West.

King Jeffrey the Bold stood in Power once again.

My Kingdom would be regained.


King Jeffrey the Bold and Queen Suzanne the Fair announce the coming arrival of the Littlest Princess, their first Grandchild, to be born to their daughter Rachael and her husband Nick, after a journey of almost a year through strange and far away lands, hopefully arriving in September! The Palace Printing Press will issue a Royal Proclamation!!!


Not so many years into the future, the Old King stood in the morning, and said he needed to ride Northward in his Kingdom, and check the supplies that he and Queen Suzanne kept there for all their friends, available to all who needed them. This supply depot was named for their son, Prince Noah, and is visited every day from far and wide.

(A small voice from below: )

< Can I help? I could do that for Uncle Noah! >

The Old King pondered.

“Normally, I would ride with a mounted company of my bravest and strongest knights for an undertaking like this. This is an important job. Not a job for just anybody.”

< Me! I can do it! Me! >

“The problem lately is that my youngest, most formidable knights spend their time rescuing Damsels in Distress! They rescue the hotties first! And leave the old haglings to fend for themselves! Is there no chivalry left anymore?”

The Old King recalled himself as a young knight, a Prince who was Heir to the Throne, standing unbent, the Double Eagle flashing on his breast in the morning sun. He remembered his first glimpse of Princess Suzanne the Fair, and his heart was lost forever, no longer his own. Even a Steadfast Ruler of a Mighty Empire may find himself defenseless at times. And so it was for Prince Jeffrey.

< Me! Pick me! {hop hop hop} Me!!! >

The Old King considered at length. “Perhaps it’s time that I named an Esquire. Someone to ride by my side and keep the Arms of the King. But where can I possibly find such a person? People like that are ever in short supply, alas.”

< ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! (hop hop hop hop hop hop hop hop hop hop) >

Queen Suzanne looks up from her Royal Crocheting and raises an eyebrow. (Queens seldom need to ponder things at length, especially if Kings are involved)

King Jeffrey notices the uproar and hue and cry by his feet and leans over.

He gravely addresses the Young Princess.

“Do you think you could do a job like this? You’d take your place next to Prince Michael and my other Knights of fame and renown. The eyes of the Kingdom will be upon you.”

< I KNOW I can do it! Me! I wanna do it!!!!!! ME!!!!!!! >

King Jeffrey the Bold draws himself up to his full height and unsheathes his sword. He lays the blade on the shoulder of his Youngest Knight and says “Go get your sneakers, Little Missy.”
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Re: A Surprise for Jeff and Suzanne

Postby Ms. Taken » Tue Apr 10, 2018 5:29 pm

May the kingdom again be filled with joy with the arrival of the new child. Congratulations! Looking forward to the trumpets sounding with the arrival.

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Re: A Surprise for Jeff and Suzanne

Postby ajsuff » Wed Apr 11, 2018 8:51 pm

Congratulations Jeff & Suzanne, as well as to your daughter and her husband. Your lives will be complemented with the joy and merriment of a grandchild.
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