The Great Cholesterol Myth

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The Great Cholesterol Myth

Postby ajsuff » Thu Aug 24, 2017 10:19 am

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Long-standing dietary advice has told us to reduce cholesterol intake, but a closer look suggests that advice may be misguided. Learn more about the history of this information, studies surrounding cholesterol’s effects on heart health and how to protect your heart’s health.

Despite cholesterol’s negative reputation, our bodies can’t function without it. It’s found in every single cell and is so essential that the lion’s share of the cholesterol in our bodies is actually made by the liver, which produces this fatty, waxy substance precisely because it is so essential to the health of our cells. The cholesterol we eat has a minimal effect on our blood levels of cholesterol: If you eat less cholesterol, your liver will simply take up the slack and make more. If you eat more of it, the liver makes less. We need cholesterol to make brain cells. A low cholesterol level (around 160 mg/dL) has been linked with depression, aggression and cerebral hemorrhages. The membranes of our cells contain a lot of cholesterol because it helps maintain their integrity and facilitates cellular communication. Essentially, we need cholesterol for memory. Lower cholesterol too much and it can promote a kind of global amnesia; with too little cholesterol in the cell membranes, nerve transmission can be affected.

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