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We need this here, now

Posted: Thu Jul 27, 2017 11:25 am
by Jeff Marinelli
I sent this email to Rich Russell and Dave Baker:

Good morning, fellows.

Suzanne and I are opening the campaign to have this established in Ontario County. ... 6597699816

I’m hoping to have your support. The challenges are: first; no treatment available here on demand. FLACRA is essentially useless as an agency to treat addiction. Second; many people will object to helping addicts, at taxpayer cost. A case will have to be made for public support and public education as to the consequences of doing nothing. We do have a drug court here, but they have no resources for treatment on demand as my family knows from direct experience. Addicts here have to sit in jail with NO treatment until a spot opens up somewhere that will accept them and that can take weeks of waiting. Third; I hope you’ll join in making Ontario Count an example for the rest of America, and the world.

Think big.

Jeff and Suzanne Marinelli